Barbara Psimas


  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

  • 2 Sounds of Silence

  • Dust in the Wind


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Barbara is perhaps most known for her iridescent watercolors of koi fish. Several of her paintings of koi were selected for publication with a fine art print company in Milan, Italy. Yet Barbara is also known as an extraordinarily versatile artist – with extensive skills in oil and acrylic, jewelry design and production, and print making.

She uses a wide variety of techniques in her work – often mixing and blending. Her work is heavily inspired by the world’s mythologies – and eras.

She continues to explore her Painting to Music series; “This series was conceived when I realized how different music influenced my painting. This happened while painting with a group of artists using a live model. Everyone would bring some favorite music to listen to which might be changed after we took a break. When the new music played I was painting in a totally different mood and style that changed brush strokes and colors. I never realized how much this affected my work before.”

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