Roxane McGinnis

  • McGinniss R - Just Jazz 12x11

  • Before the Storm 18x12

  • Dancing Star 15x14


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The urge to create and experiment with color, texture, form and composition has been with me for as long as I can remember. My inspirations are ma y. Nature is primary: organic, unique, colorful, sometimes subtle, and sometimes dramatic. My creative adventures have involved a variety of materials and are usually 3-D. Some of my major projects have included landscape design, architectural design, furniture construction, and many forms of art.
As an under graduate student at The University of Florida and a MFA graduate at Florida State University, my area of concentration was sculpture. By employing a wide variety of materials I quickly learned the importance of acknowledging the various attributes of a material, to not force but to accept and exploit those characteristics
The flowing nature of kiln-fired glass works well with my organic artistic aesthetic. Intriguing are the beautiful colored glasses, the light effects, the endless combinations and possibilities. The natural tendency of the melted glass to bubble and flow adds unique characteristics to each piece. The precious individualized qualities of an ancient medium with a modern appeal.
My approach to fused glass is much like my approach to most things. I start with a general idea, which is often transformed during the creative process. I keep an open mind to any inspirations that present themselves, allowing the medium, forms, colors, composition, and process to guide my work to its final conclusion. My hope is to create something that appeals to those with a desire to own an original work of art with honesty to the materials and the process.

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