Fred Fisher


  • Barracuda
    40" x 12"

  • Striper
    24" x 12"

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Gyotaku is the ancient oriental art of "fish imprinting" - using ink and rich paper. Japanese fishermen developed this art form to accurately record the size of their catch. Fred has taken this art form and evolved it into an evocative presentation: capturing both the essence and beauty of the fish.

"I cover each fish with vivid/colorful acrylic paint and carefully press either a handmade paper or cloth on the surface to capture a unique mirror image of the fish."

Fred also creates fascinating images of other species; rays, crabs, shrimp, etc.

Blue skies and calm waters will find Fred fishing either at beautiful Lake Talquin (just west of Tallahassee) or on the flats and coastal waters surrounding Dog Island, Florida. His interest in Gyotaku began with his love of fishing and his desire to create a collection of his catches. In Fred's work - the fish he catches is his canvas.

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