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Some people say I have a lot of courage to paint the way I do. Some people say their child would paint the way I paint. Nothing would flatter me more. Picasso said, “Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once one grows up.“ Like most of us I work hard to get through each day. There is much calculation and analyzing in most of what we do.

When I am before my canvases I have a lot of fun moving brushes and choosing colors. I try to go about the act of painting in a preconscious state so as to not allow calculation and analyzing. I believe once learned the formal principles of art will surface as a composition is brought to life. I also believe the artistic process is lost if I create any other way.

Surface entertainment is very important to me in my compositions and that is why you will often find what I call “additives” in and on my paint. The adhesive and elastic properties of acrylic paint and mediums allow me that process. There is also an element of chance in the process, which excites me as a painter. I prefer to paint on large-sized canvases whenever possible. On large-sized canvases there is less restriction and more freedom, which is what I am all about.

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