Terrie Corbett

Kiln Fired Enameled Glass

  • Night Music, 1 x 16"

  • Ode to Janis - Take Another Little Piece of My Heart
    13" x 11"

  • Tropical Urban - All That Jazz
    9" x 27"

  • Temple Bells

  • Patina

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"Glass is my canvas"

I am a studio artist living in Tallahassee, Florida.

I exhibited my paintings and drawings for many years. In a radical departure, I decided to explore glass fusing. I initially worked in traditional kiln forming glass techniques. However, I missed painting and the expressive experience it provided. In 2003, I discovered high fire (paint like) glass enamels and began painting again. I enjoy the physical act of painting, and I am intrigued by the capricious nature of kiln-fired glass.

I apply high fire enamels using a variety of painting implements to create non-objective or abstracted opaque paintings. The work is fired multiple times in a kiln. I begin a painting by applying the paint - enamel - with a variety of implements. Sometimes I inscribe thoughts or ideas in the paint, knowing that when the work is fired the enamels will flow and obscure the intimate nature of those words. The remaining "glyphs" contribute to the surface design. By combining personal imagery and mark making with a variety of surface applications, including sgraffito, sandblasting etching and burnishing. I am able to achieve the expressive experience I want. To create an effective painting while firing a successful piece of glass is both the challenge and the reward.

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