Marshall Blevins


  • Ages 8" x 10"

  • The Four 10" x 8"

  • Light 8"x10"
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I attempt to make the most of each moment presented to me; the few minutes that the sun breaks through the fog perfectly, the high and lows of the horse racing lifestyle, or the emotion and detail inherent to the track. I want to bring my passion for thoroughbreds and racing to the viewer. I feel that if one loves what they're photographing, the devotion pays off and is evident in the photograph.

My involvement in horse racing began in 2003, coinciding with my discovery of photography. Horse racing carries a falsely negative image in the world today. When I realized this, my devotion to the people and horses in racing moved me to begin sharing my photography. I strive to expose horse racing for the passionate, lovingly dedicated and highly competitive sport that it truly is…to showcase the beautiful, quirky and rick moments in racing.

Marshall lives in Tallahassee.

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