Ramona Abernathy

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Ramona Abernathy-Paine has been fascinated by textiles her entire life. Learning to weave in 1994 opened avenues for Ramona to create her own fabrics, exploring color and its interaction with structure. Her award-winning work has been shown in galleries in the Southeast, with pieces in private collections across the U.S. and in several foreign countries.

Ramona draws inspiration from the life around her North Florida studio, interpreting the colors of the natural world in the ancient medium of weaving. She uses traditional methods, combining time-honored patterns and structures in new and inventive ways. Her place mats and table runners, inspired by a colorful Raku pot, were recently published in Handwoven magazine.

Ramona tells us, "Most recently I have been exploring structural elements of weaving. I have created wall hangings in two layers which are woven simultaneously. My fabric and wire boxes are constructed on the loom, woven in four simultaneous layers. I love the mental challenge of sculpting on the loom."

Teaching is one more way in which Ramona shares her passion for weaving. She teaches weaving classes to beginners and weavers of all levels.

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